Towards the end of the 17th century, there was a man by the name of Johan Meinicke who lived and worked in Malmo.

He was a highly respected but also a feared individual who was called upon only in cases of extreme emergency, the reason for this being that he was a field surgeon, the type of military doctor who practised external medicine, treated wounds, broken bones, bloodlettings and extracted teeth – all without modern anaesthetics.

Mäster Johan married a wealthy widow, thereby becoming owner of various properties on what was then Jöns Brandts Strede, in the very heart of Malmo, Jöns Brandt having been the late husband of the widow. Mäster Johan was also a highly respected man himself, and after his death in 1712 the street was renamed after him and to this day it is still called Mäster Johansgatan. I

t is here at No. 13, in one of the most charmingly well preserved districts of Malmo, Gamla Väster, that the Hotel Mäster Johan, is located today.

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MÄSTER JOHANSGATAN 13 | 211 21 MALMÖ | TEL +46(0)40-6 64 6 4 00 | FAX +46(0)40-6 64 6 4 01 | E-MAIL RESERVATION@MASTERJOHAN.se

Centrally located hotel in Malmö city, sweden. first class hotel situated in the very heart of Malmo.