Our spacious Pillar Garden, the heart of the hotel, offers you the perfect opportunity to wind down after a hectic working day. Enjoy a cup of coffee from our coffee buffet, which is always available. We would be happy to serve you a beer, a drink or what about a bite to eat

 Are you interested in having a gym work-out or would you rather relax in a steaming hot sauna? Either way you are welcome to visit our basement area. If you feel like taking a brisk walk or going for a jog, there are plenty of beautiful areas in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Malmo is widely referred to as “the city of parks”.

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MÄSTER JOHANSGATAN 13 | 211 21 MALMÖ | TEL +46(0)40-6 64 6 4 00 | FAX +46(0)40-6 64 6 4 01 | E-MAIL RESERVATION@MASTERJOHAN.se

Centrally located hotel in Malmö city, sweden. first class hotel situated in the very heart of Malmo.